I am a fifth year PhD student in the CS Theory group at UIUC, working with Chandra Chekuri and Sariel Har-Peled.


Fast Approximations for Metric-TSP via Linear Programming. With Chandra Chekuri. [slides]

Randomized MWU for Positive LPs. With Chandra Chekuri. SODA 2018. [slides]

Approximation Algorithms for Polynomial Expansion and Low-Density Graphs. With Sariel Har-Peled. SIAM J. Comput. (SICOMP), 46(6) 1712-1744, 2017. Preliminary version in ESA 2015. [slides] [notes]

Approximating the Held-Karp Bound for Metric TSP in Nearly Linear Time. With Chandra Chekuri. FOCS 2017. [slides] [talk]

Near-Linear-Time Approximation Schemes for some Implicit Fractional Packing Problems. With Chandra Chekuri. SODA 2017. [slides]

A Fast Approximation for Maximum Weight Matroid Intersection. With Chandra Chekuri. SODA 2016. [slides] [slides]

Online Learning with Adversarial Delays. With Daniel Khashabi. NIPS 2015. [poster]

Streaming Algorithms for Submodular Function Maximization. With Chandra Chekuri and Shalmoli Gupta. ICALP 2015. [slides] [video]