Theory seminar meets every Monday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm in Siebel Center room 3401.

If you are interested in giving a talk, please email me at quanrud2 at


January 23. Lili Su. Securing distributed systems against adversarial attacks.

January 30. Tasos Sidiropoulos. Metric embeddings with outliers.

February 6. Pravesh Kothari. Quantum entanglement, sum-of-squares and the log-rank conjecture.

February 13. Karthik Chandrasekaran. Global and fixed-terminal cuts in digraphs.

February 20. Ruoyu Sun. Large gaps between Gauss-Seidel type methods and randomized versions

February 27. Arash Khatibi. Generalized sequential assignment problem.

March 6. Visit Weekend.

March 13. Ge Yu. Multi-objective sequential stochastic assignment problems and online interval scheduling problems.

March 20. Spring break.

March 27. Edgar Solomonik. Communication lower bounds and optimal schedules for some graph and matrix algorithms.

April 3. Ashish Khetan. Spectrum estimation from a few entries.

April 10. Hsien-Chih Chang. Untangling curves and graphs on surfaces.

April 17. Shweta Patwa. Survivable Network Design Problems (SNDP) and Iterative Rounding.

April 24. Mark Idleman. Approximation Algorithms for the Minimum-Congestion Routing Problem via k-Route Flows.

May 1. Aravindan Vijayaraghavan. Learning Mixtures of Well-Separated Gaussians.